Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Powder = Sand Remover

This past Sunday was Royce's first time on the beach. Janine's fabulous friends played volleyball while Evan Royce and I "relaxed" under the umbrella. I stressed out about Royce playing in the sand and watching his hands like a hawk to make sure they don't go near his mouth. It was cloudy when we got there. We only stayed for about two hours because we had Sophia's baptism to attend.
With his cute beanie w/ mommy & daddy
He's so into it!

New Discovery
He had so much fun! He loved playing in the sand so much, he put some on his head. Did you know that  baby powder is a great sand remover for sandy hands and feet? Thankfully Emily brought baby powder and taught me this. Such a lifesaver! Just sprinkle baby powder on any sandy areas and rub them in, this will remove all excess sand from your body. It's a must have in my beach bag from now on.
Word of caution: Try not to breathe in the baby powder when sprinkling into your body or your little ones. Use sparingly.

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