Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ahhh....to be a baby

Need I say more? Meet the apple of my eye.

 Roycie and Mama 

~ The Sadlers ~
Alicia & Aaron with their ADORABLE younglings: Alijah, Alivia, and Ava.
I love how this moment was captured.

Royce and Sophia socializing

~ The Shawvers ~ 
Matt, Paulette, Madie, & (Sophia not shown - see pic above)
(Pictures courtesy from Paulette's FB Album)

I wanted to commend Paulette, my dear oldest friend for putting a spectacular 3rd Birthday Little Mermaid Celebration for her daughter, Madie last Saturday. It was located in the most amazing water park in the city of Stanton. It had a pirate ship playground, wall climbing for little children or little people (it was literally about my height so I couldnt even climb it..believe me I tried!), padded mats for the kids to play and a water park!!! We didn't have anything like that growing up. My inner child is soo jealous...(it's ok cuz we will just have to live vicariously through Royce...Mwahahaha!)

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