Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Royce's First Year

I can't believe my baby is ONE! Where has this year gone??? Before he was was born I couldn't wait to meet him and now I want to hold onto him as a little baby for as long as I can and wishing he'd stop growing so fast. I really loved the first year. Right now, he's really clingy and always wanting to be carried and I tell him to start walking already! But in my mind, I know I'm going to miss him wanting to be so close. Next he's gonna start walking and running away from me. *sniff sniff* Soon, I am gonna have a toddler!!! Waaaaahhhh!!! It's exciting to see what he's becoming more and more each day but I wish he would just stay my baby forever. *cue in Cher's "If I can turn back time"**

Directed by Auntie Janine

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